In Flore et Sens

Lisa Garnier plays with our senses and, in front of so many colors, forms and emotions that telescope, she forces us to slow down… We do not know what we are looking at.
The artist leaves us with a flood of sensations and questions. As a result, the imaginations are ignited: draped silk or velvet, strange and distant landscapes, greedy metaphors sometimes with what looks like a few grains of powdered sugar thrown at random …
Lisa delightfully throws the disorder and blurs the tracks. She invites us to amazing sensory experiences. She plays on ambiguity, she multiplies sensual and carnal images… In her garden, Lisa Garnier cultivates the mystery… for our greatest pleasure…

Bruissements CharnelsGalerie Joëlle Kem Lika – 3 novembre au 2 janvier 2016

Book store A fleurs de mots, Montbard – June- september 2012

Grand Marché de l’art contemporain – 2011

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